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Marketing and branding sit side-by-side in a business’ armoury but many confuse the two for the same thing or each other.

One way to look at how the two differentiate is to see marketing as a pushing tool for your business. You’re steering and driving people to your business via various strategies, tools and platforms.

If marketing is pushing an audience to your business then branding is seen as the pull mechanism. Branding adds attraction, affiliation and confidence to your business.

Marketing may contribute to a brand, but the brand is bigger than any particular marketing effort. The brand is what remains after the marketing has swept through the room. It’s what sticks in your mind associated with a product, service, or organisation—whether or not, at that particular moment, you bought or did not buy.

The brand is ultimately what determines if you will become a loyal customer or not. The marketing may convince you to buy a particular car, and maybe it’s the first foreign car you ever owned, but it is the brand that will determine if you will only buy that brand of car for the rest of your life.