What makes a successful social media contest?

by | Feb 7, 2018

Running contests has always been a great way to create engagement with customers, whilst social media has become a key element for encouraging brand engagement. So, the two together should be the perfect combination, right?

Well sort of.

Many businesses are running social media contests, but that doesn’t automatically mean that they are successful. There are certain ways to go about creating and running a contest via social media in order to see successful results.

Set a clear objective

Start by knowing what it is that you want to achieve from the contest. Is it to boost your follower count, build potential leads, increase your brand awareness or retain loyal customers? Are you wanting to target your existing audience or reach a new audience?

The right platform

Stick to just running the contest over one platform in in order to keep it less complicated. Therefore, choose which platform will have the best audience for the contest based on the end goal you want to achieve. Facebook and Instagram are the two most popular platforms due to the lack of restrictions on character count.

Although it is crucial for the contest to be operated only on one platform, it is equally as important to promote it via other social media channels.

Simple is effective

Keep it easy and simple both for you as a business to run it, as well as for the participants entering it. Make the rules clear, quick and simple. Depending on what your end goal is, there will be certain instructions they will have to follow. Whether it be liking the post, sharing, commenting or following, or even a combination of those. Or providing a link if the contest entry is on a website.

The easier it is for people to enter; the more people will enter the contest or giveaway.

The winner

Be clear in your contest plan and participant information, how the winner will be selected and when/how they will be notified. This is crucial to avoid any confusion or potential backlash. Also set a clear time frame for the contest, specifying your deadline for entries and when your winner will be announced.

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