Brand new!

by | Feb 8, 2018

Collectively we felt it was time to take another look at the way we represent ourselves with our visual brand identity and how we engage with the outside world.

It was time for us to rebrand!

Heading into a rebrand for yourselves is not without its struggles. There are many rivers to cross when it comes to assessing your own brand. Suddenly you are your own client, asking yourselves the same questions you would at the start of a project and trying to remain unbiased and impartial. There are time limitations and financial constraints to consider. We wanted to get to the heart of what drives us and show our personality and knowledge. A brand was needed that reflected our creative abilities, that the whole team could be proud of and that would communicate with both current and potential clients.


We had a font but was it the right font for us?
Many conversations were had to decide on the right typeface, was it friendly, did it have personality, was it simple, beautiful and contemporary. Did it have historical roots, was it legible, was it subtle but with individuality. Was it a hardworking font that would hold it’s own?


We had blue, but was it the right blue?
It took a while and some deliberation over colour values to find our brand colour.
We wanted a colour that looked great on screen but rich in print also. Reflex Blue is a colour that was created in the late 1800’s, it is one of the 14 Pantone mixing inks used to build all other Pantone colours. Reflex Blue contains the mineral cobalt which gives it a rich deep hue.


Words underpin our visual language. How do we communicate in our marketing channels and on social media platforms? What sort of person was our tone of voice? We came to the conclusion that this person is confident, playful and friendly. We’ve added subtle notes with explanations to elaborate further and x22 hashtags that sum up 22 Create.


Our wordmark consists of our font and our blue. We wanted a strong simple identifying mark. Uncomplicated and straight talking.


Our site combines all of these elements in a functional and engaging way. We wanted playful elements, we wanted great case studies and work to be apparent from the off. We wanted it to have a richer user experience, to be a place where you could find out everything about 22 Create, how we think, do and play.
In summary, change is difficult, we all like comfort but real change does involve some chaos and upheaval, it involves difficult questions and honesty, care and thought. We have invested in our brand for the future, we know what it means to you to do the same, invest in change and drive your business forward.
“Every act of creation is first an act of destruction.” Pablo Picasso
“Branding demands commitment; commitment to continual re-invention; striking chords with people to stir their emotions; and commitment to imagination.” – Sir Richard Branson
Look out for our new site…
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