Instagram’s got the power!

by | Mar 14, 2018

With Instagram delivering 29% more engagement than Facebook and 60% more than Twitter, it’s easy to see why the social media platform is on top!

From being ‘the one to watch’ to becoming the ‘King’ of social engagement, with its 100 million daily users, Instagram utilises its ease of scrolling & viewing and its scaled-back interface to become synonymous with the royal title of King of Social Media.

So, how has Instagram got the power?

Instagram Stories

This is possibly Instagram’s biggest feature of the moment right now, with its constant technological advancements going on (its latest being the supported GIF feature from GIPHY). If you’re a visual company, with lots going on every day, then the Stories feature is right up your street!

Instagram Stories allows you to add videos and photos (much like Snapchat Stories) on a 24-hour-long feed. Like the usual Instagram uploads, you can use all of its filters plus its Boomerang, Re-wind and Superzoom feature. 

Shopping on Instagram

One of Instagram’s latest key additions is Shoppable. Instagram has teamed up with the Shopify app to allow businesses to showcase their products, enabling customers to shop for these products, straight from the platform. You can even utilise this feature on your profile page with an Instagram Shop! Kate Spade New York & Boots UK are loving this feature at the moment, uploading their popular images with Shoppable features. Check them out below…


Now, I’m one for loving the nature and wildlife that the Peak District has to offer and this cool little guy on my Instagram photographs amazing wildlife shots and will vinyl them onto home features for you to buy, even he has a Shoppable on Instagram! Check him out below…


Another useful tool on Instagram is their hashtags, whilst you can make any word into a hashtag, it’s important to use hashtags that your target audience will search for.

We often find that the optimum number of hashtags to put at the end of the post is 3-4 solid, relevant, insightful hashtags, so you engage your audience, with overloading your captions with unnecessary ones.

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