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Barwell & Jones.

A prestige wine agency with a focused portfolio trading under the known and historical name of Barwell & Jones. Their rebrand needed to reflect the long heritage and premium focus.

We delivered:

rebrand and print.

Our approach:

The identity is geometric and structured based on stacked bottles in a cellar/rack. A brand pattern similarly found on high-quality designer brands was developed as a subtle way of reiterating the brand and for use as a versatile visual tool.

Blue and gold work to add quality. Keywords for the brief were history, premium and quality.

Barwell & Jones Labels

22 Create recently helped us create a new look and feel for our brand. Taking it from start to finish they developed something fresh and up to date yet capturing our heritage. What they have created has fantastic reusability and potential for application from instant brand presence to individual finishing touches.

Dan Harwood, Head of Wine Education,
Barwell & Jones

Barwell & Jones Labels