See ya later pal(s)

by | May 30, 2018

As my time at DE22 draws to a close like a pair of velvet curtains, I’m reflecting on my time on Friar Gate. It all started as a possible 6-week freelance gig whilst I waited on an Australian visa and DE22 looked for a permanent designer for the team. 4 brands, 6 websites, lots of print and 6 months later I’m heading across the pond for summer then back Down Under. Here are some of my favourite things that have happened.

Full rebrand.

I’ve been lucky enough to work with some big clients and on some big rebrands, but this was maybe my biggest in terms of output. From concept to sign off we’ve considered not just aesthetics but functionality and how our new brand works across many channels. As our studio wall filled with post-it notes, inspiration and ideas, it became clear that we had a lot to think about but it’s been an exciting journey and good one for personal progression.

New website.

In the same scope as the brand, we wanted to do something unexpected, we looked at some really good sites from agencies near and far and felt that for us, the importance was function, tone of voice and user experience. It’s a perfect platform for us to showcase our process and projects. It’s ideal for adding new things and easy for our audience.

It’s cool but it’s not too cool and that’s why we love it.


Just like with my family dog Bruce, I promised that I wouldn’t get too attached. And just the same as that magnificent beast, I haven’t been able to keep that promise. For the last few months, I’ve been working with a great bunch of humans. I’ve learned things I didn’t think I would (from tips on printing to new swear words) and laughed every day.

They’re cool but they’re not too cool and that’s why I love them.

Thanks for having me.
See ya later Pal(s) x


We’ve been to the pub…

… lots

Basked in the sun

We got the the helmet to stay on the fan

Danced with Simone… lots

And goofed around…

… a lot…

… well actually…

… all the time!

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