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by | Jun 13, 2018

So many times I get asked, “What’s the best way to approach a branding process?”

Surely you just create a few ideas and voila! It arrives pre-packaged out of the box, ready to drive a brand that does what it says on the tin.

The reality is far from this. To do it, and do it well, requires a huge amount of insight, knowledge and the ability to give your brand a “reason”, something that defines your product or business offering. More often than not, a logo is the element that holds a brand together and makes it recognisable, but brands should not really be logos alone. When creating a brand identity, you shouldn’t really look at the separate elements. We make sure we always work with the whole picture and how all of the elements work together so that the message has a bigger meaning across a blend of mediums.

Planning & Research

Before starting a brand identity for a client, we look at the overall business strategy. We run through a round of questions about the business, its service offering and the outward brand perception we want to create, making sure we take into consideration any present brand equity.

Who is your target audience? What age groups and genders are you trying to appeal to? Can we use multiple channels to reach them? What will keep your customers coming back for more, and will they talk about it? What will set your brand apart from others? What is your competition doing that works?

We look at the colours, fonts and visual design used by your key competitors, and only then, we start to put pen to paper.

Idea Development & Briefing

With a clear brief defined, we bring the brand to life through concept and creative development.

We strive for impact and every decision is carefully considered to ensure it adds and not detracts from the end goal.

With the clarity that we have gained, we can start to produce tangible assets to deliver the strategy and marketing activity direct to consumers.

Ask the client

The client knows the product better than we ever will. We don’t want to misunderstand the client’s expectations and what’s best for the brand.

Don’t go crazy

Understanding any clients’ needs is the first step to creating a great identity. Limit the colours, details and fonts, a simple identity will be timeless and work with the client’s changing requirements.

We also look at taglines, brand positioning, logo artwork and the whole identity package. The logo is just the tip of the iceberg throughout the business. The tagline expresses an important point of your value proposition, and the visual style and tone of voice are all significant to your values and brand personality.

Two recently contrasting advertising campaigns, which have attached themselves to “something” to reach an audience.

Please see examples of our more recent branding projects here.

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