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Music of my mind

by | Jun 20, 2018

In this modern age, we’re always switched on, we literally can’t stop. The majority of us follow a live-to-work lifestyle, which in turn lends itself to an ever-increasing risk of mental health issues. It’s not always something we like to talk about, but it’s something that needs to be talked about.

Creative Emotion

There’s a strong stereotype that us creative people are more emotionally charged. Whilst a lot of this comes in the form of imagination and intuition, it is also said that creatives are more externally emotional. A 2014 report published by the Guardian stated “painters, musicians, writers, and dancers were, on average, 25% more likely to carry the gene variants [for mental health issues] than professions the scientists judged to be less creative.

Feel Good Inc.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. There are many things you can do to keep your mind in tip-top condition, and my personal go-to is music. It’s been scientifically proven that music releases a little thing called dopamine, which is effectively the feel-good chemical in your brain. So yes, music really is medicine, and we need to use it purposefully. Not only is it good for your wellbeing, says Teresa Lesuik, a professor in music therapy at the University of Miami, she found that those who listen to music completed tasks a lot more effectively and had better ideas overall than those who didn’t.

With all that said, these are the three little steps I take to keep my mind in peak condition.

Lovely Dayyyyyyyyyy

It’s a little-known fact that I have a precise morning routine, and within that little time window, solitude is bliss. One of the ways I help filter out any intruding noises is to listen to calm, relaxing sounds. Whilst I’m energising my body with a gigantic breakfast, I’m focusing my mind with music.

Match Ya Mood

Whether you need focus on a work project, get a motivational boost at the gym, or simply put your feet up at home, music can come to your aid. If you need to get excited, listen to exciting music. Feeling sad? Dry your eyes mate, and listen to happy songs instead.

The Rhythm Is Gonna Get You

We’re all human, we all, at times, feel distracted by thoughts or find it difficult to concentrate. To overcome this, I personally always try and find minimal, percussive music with little or no lyrics. This allows me to synchronise the beat in my head, allowing my concentration to increase.

One of the many, many things I love about working at DE22 is the fact we listen to music. And whilst at times our music tastes are diverse, we all share the music #vibe together, always.

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