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A team for all seasons

by | Jul 4, 2018

It’s officially summer, and the recent heat wave has no doubt had us all melting in our office chairs. It seems it’s not just the weather that’s been too hot to handle – it’s our projects too. In between trips to the shop for ice lollies, rescuing critters who fly in through open windows and comparing tan lines, our studio has been producing some smoking hot work.

Lunchtime walks to the grassy knoll around the corner give us a chance to reflect on our day so far, and inspire us for the afternoon ahead. Visits to Bluebell Dairy allow us time to bond as a team and feed our minds with delicious ice cream. And most of all, the sunny weather puts everyone in a damn good mood.

That’s not to say we only come alive in the summer, oh no. Just like the evolution of most species, we adapt to our surroundings and make the best out of how it affects us. Raining all day? We borrow each other’s brollies, take our soggy shoes off in the office and walk around in our socks, and as for scraggly hair and runny makeup, well it’s something to giggle at, isn’t it.

March this year saw us experience some pretty bad snow, and after ringing round to check everybody was safe and who would make it into the office or not, our team of nine became a humble three just for a day!

With the cold weather also comes a constant supply of hot tea, lunches of soup and stew, and a communal hot water bottle, not to mention pinching each other’s clothes to wrap up in.

What I’m trying to say is, whatever the weather, however, we’re affected by external factors that we can’t change, we come together as a team and deliver amazing projects all year round.

Our snow day in March – arriving safely at the office

Our snow day in March – Jamie’s snowy shed of the year

The team enjoying ice cream at Bluebells

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