Lambrini, manufactured in Liverpool by Halewood Wines and Spirits, is the clear brand leader in the sales of Perry in Britain, and is responsible for growth in the market. Offering a variety of light and fruity flavours, including cherry and strawberry, the wine-style drink can be enjoyed on its own, or as part of one of their signature cocktails – there’s a Lambrini for every taste!

We delivered:

Website and competition landing pages

Our approach:

Our aim was to deliver messages that focus on Lambrini being fun and inclusive, and diminish any negative preconceptions about the brand. By using a clean, classy and consistent look and feel, we have strengthened the position of the Lambrini brand in their market.

The website project included dynamic features including slider animations and a roll-over bubble effect, to introduce some interactivity to the user experience. Lambrini’s overall strategy involves competitions and engagement with their target audience, meaning the site needed to be flexible enough for regular additions and changes, sitting in the line with their marketing plans.