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How to adult

by | Nov 7, 2018

When I was younger, I couldn’t wait to get a job, so when I turned 14, I went around my local town handing out my CV. I remember feeling heartbroken after not receiving any calls, but soon enough I landed my first part-time job as a waitress. I was so excited, it was the start of my independence. So, it comes as no surprise that after college all I wanted to do was get into the working world.

After completing college and enjoying my last 6 weeks of summer, I got an apprenticeship here with 22 Create. I was ecstatic, I felt so ready to start my career and do some adulting.

Although I love the working life, there are a few things that I wish I had been more prepared for. So here are my top 3 pointers that will make the transition from student life to the working world as smooth as possible.

1/ Ask questions. Lots of them

This is actually the perfect time to ask questions. Forget about trying to be perfect and don’t be embarrassed to ask for help. When I very first started, I was too nervous and embarrassed to ask all the questions I wanted to, I didn’t want to seem like I wasn’t capable of certain tasks etc, but I quickly learnt that I wasn’t going to go far if I wasn’t pushing myself.

I’m generally quite a curious person anyway, so you can imagine the amount of questions I had. I was new to the agency life and I was new to the marketing industry, there was so much I wanted to know all the time! Once I stopped feeling nervous to ask questions I noticed that I was excelling in my work, and in hindsight I wished I had not felt so embarrassed when I first started.

2/ Get the most out of your mornings

I have to admit, I’m still working on this one. I’m definitely not a morning person. But, getting up that little bit earlier than you need to actually makes such a difference. Having that extra time for yourself will allow you to get ready for the working day and help you to wake up properly rather than rolling out of bed and onto the commute.

3/ Time management

At first, I thrived off the 9-5 life, I felt proud that I had somewhere to go and work hard, learn and gain valuable experience. Every day was new and exciting. Until one day, it pained me to get out of bed and the entire day felt like it wouldn’t end. I don’t know if this was just the newness and adrenaline wearing out or because at first, I was throwing myself into work and my apprenticeship studies and pushing aside my personal life.

I always considered myself as having pretty good time management skills, but after I went through that small phase of lack of energy I was forced to focus on bettering my time management. I needed to stop pushing aside my personal life and work on getting a balance. With my free time now limited to a few hours in the evening, I needed to adjust and start making plans in the evenings, it can be hard especially with having to study as well, but once I had found my balance of still being able to see friends and spend time with family I noticed that I was a lot more energised and motivated again.

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