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I don’t know how I know this

by | Nov 28, 2018

Over my time here at the agency I have gained valuable knowledge and experience, however I have also found out some pretty unusual things.

So, in this blog, I wanted to share a few random facts with you albeit they probably won’t help you on a quiz night.

E-bikes weigh how much?!

One of my colleagues, Dani, has taught me that an Airwheel R8 is the same weight as 17 Netherland Dwarf rabbits or 3,250 mint imperials OR 7,222 tennis balls.

The power of polyethylene foam.

Working with Archbond Ltd, it’s fair to say I have learnt quite a bit about the benefits of polyethylene foam. Did you know that PE foam is water resistant, has a thermal structure and can be used in noise reduction? Who knew that just one material could be used in so many industries?

Farming facts.

This one is thanks to our graphic designer, Jamie. In order to treat lambs with hypothermia, some farmers put them in an oven on a low heat for a few minutes. This gently warms the lamb up which helps them overcome the hypothermia. Bizarre, right?

There are so many other wonderful and weird things I have learnt being at 22 Create, mainly about 80’s singers and actors. But I’ll leave those for another day.

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